Our Mission

The mission of Keystone Public Health & Spiritual Care is to build more resilient communities through community action planning. Help us help communities in need of this type of support by donating today.

Our Approach

Keystone Public Health & Spiritual Care (KPHSC) works with communities to build resilience through Community Action Planning. The Community Action Plan presents five core focus areas that, through coordination, community stakeholder cooperation, and resource alignment, delivers a community that is healthier, wealthier, safer and better educated. KPHSC works with communities to utilize  available data and partners to achieve existing goals, establish new community objectives, and move communities from fragile to resilient.

Through Community Action Planning with local communities and regional partners, KPHSC helps clients:

  • Build a network of community based resources to improve public health
  • Build community wealth by establishing a community economic development network
  • Reduce societal violence by the inclusion of evidence based and predictive practices
  • Increase educational levels by increasing involvement and active participation of all community stakeholders
  • Present a self empowered community by raising awareness and participation in civically engaged activities

KPHSC Leadership

Donrico pic (sm)

Rev. Donrico Colden

Executive Director, KPHSC


While attending the Ecumenical Institute at St. Mary’s Seminary & University, in Baltimore, MD, the two worlds of Theology and Science were woven together. While in high school, Donrico wondered why he was sitting among peers who planned to become physicians, nurses, health educators and the like. He had no interest in science, except for getting a passing grade. After high school came enrollment into the Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), Harrisburg, PA, where his interest was in the behavioral health field because he had always wanted to counsel people who were hurting emotionally and spiritually. While studying at the community college, Donrico received a call on his life to enter the field of pastoral ministry. He responded to the call and left HACC to attend the Lancaster Bible College, PA. However, he desired a more rounded religious education, which led him to matriculate at the Schools of Theology.

In addition, he spent two years at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA, where he prepared himself to enter the field of professional chaplaincy in healthcare settings. During this unique educational experience, Donrico spent a tremendous amount of time counseling with individuals, families and the wider community in critical care units, including trauma bays. This led him to begin taking up writing as a hobby.

During his last few years at the PinnacleHealth System, Harrisburg, PA, he took an interest in research and writing and the rest is history. He had written a white paper, entitled “Implementing Community Action Plans,” using a broadcast network to improve community health outcomes. This paper was a culmination of everything that he had learned during his various levels of education; most significantly, during his three years with Dr. Gary Gunderson, M.Div., D.Min., D.Div. (and others), at the FaithHealth Institute, Atlanta, Georgia.

Today, Donrico is leading community engagement events that focus on “Trauma-Informed Care and Resilience.” Please visit our events page for more information on recent community engagement events.