He who fails to plan

Strategic Planning

Planning for community change and resilience requires a significant amount of time that many organizations are not prepared to dedicate toward strategic planning. Using the KPHSC model, we can help your community create a road map for implementing community change that allows your organization to focus on its primary mission.

Coalition Development & Engagement

Often, community problems or issues are too large and complex for any one agency or organization to address. Therefore, engaging a coalition of individuals and organizations can be an effective strategy for changing the programs and policies  that are needed to solve community-wide problems. Let KPHSC help you identify community stakeholders that should join your coalition for change.

Technical Assistance

Agency and organization staff often need help as they plan, implement, evaluate, and sustain efforts for improving their communities. It's unrealistic for any organization to know all there is to know in order to tackle all of the challenges it experiences. Let KPHSC staff provide useful guidance and recommendations, contact key resources, and conduct reserach necessary to help your team and community succeed. 

Conference & Workshop Planning & Implementation

Is your organization planning a conference or workshop to raise awareness, provide training, or give a call to action? Let KPHSC help you develop objectives, identify speakers, organize educational workshops, evaluate your event, and provide logistical support. Whether you're convening 20 or 2000 individuals, KPHSC staff can help you create a transformative experience for attendees. 

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